Trying Electronic Cigarettes: All Your E Cig Questions Answered


Have you considered trying electronic cigarettes, or wondered what they are, how they work, why people use them?

E cigs have become popular because millions of tobacco smokers are unhappy with the effects and inconvenience of smoking, but until recently there hasn’t been a satisfying alternative for them. 

What is an e cig, exactly?

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes that produce water vapor instead of smoke. 

Ecigs aren’t like tobacco cigarettes – there’s no smoke or fire – and using e cigs isn’t smoking, it’s “vaping.” 

Mistic electronic cigarettes consist of a battery and a cartridge filled with flavored liquid. The battery heats the liquid and turns it into a vapor, which you breathe in like smoke. 

Ecigs are an alternative to tobacco, so they look and act like cigarettes to make them easy and natural for smokers to use, but there’s no tobacco, no smoke, and no ash.

How do e cigs work?

Inside A Mistic E Cig

Mistic ecigs are made up of a cartridge, which contains e-liquid and a built-in atomizer, as well as a long-lasting lithium ion battery with a glowing red LED tip that lights up when you draw on the ecig.

The liquid in the cartridge is heated by a lithium-ion battery and turned into a vapor by an atomizer, which gives the vapor the satisfying body and feel of tobacco smoke that sets us apart from other brands. 

Mistic has something for everyone - we offer both disposable and rechargeable e-cigs as well as personal vaporizers. Wall, car, and USB chargers are available for rechargeable Mistic ecigs, so you can charge up anywhere.

Ecig ingredients breakdown

What’s in ecigs?

Unlike tobacco products, Mistic ecigs don’t contain hundreds of harmful chemicals.

Mistics contain only 4 simple ingredients: water, flavoring, nicotine, and propylene glycol, a common preservative and stabilizer used in foods and medicines. 

How do I use ecigs?

Use Mistic e-cigs just like tobacco cigarettes.

The battery will activate when you draw on the ecig and create the vapor, and it turns back off again when you stop.

If you’re using rechargeable Mistics, just return the battery to the charger when it runs out of power, and switch out cartridges when the cartridge runs out.

What flavor and nicotine options are available?

Mistic electronic cigarettes give you lots of options!

You can choose between Mistic’s traditional, menthol, American Blend, and Cool Ice flavors.

We also offer a variety of nicotine levels: 1.8% nicotine is like standard cigarettes, 1.2% is comparable to lights, and 2.4% is closer to full-bodied cigarettes. Mistic even offers 0% nicotine cartridges if you want to eliminate nicotine altogether!

How much do they cost? 

It may surprise you, but Mistic ecigs are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The national average price of tobacco cigarettes is $6 per pack, but you can get the Mistic ecig equivalent of a pack for as little as $1 (the 10-pack of cartridges at Walmart has the cheapest price-per-cartridge, at $2 each). If you smoke a pack a day, switching to ecigs could save you about $1,825 a year.

Getting started with Mistic isn’t expensive either – the Mistic Basic Starter Kits cost only $14.99, and they include a rechargeable battery, 2 cartridges, and a USB charger.

Once you’ve got a battery and charger, you can buy cartridges in any amount, flavor, and nicotine concentration, depending on your tastes!

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